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Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

Alicia Kastner reviewed Eatontown Martial Arts
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This school provides a total body workout for all ages and important life skills such as self-defense, confidence and respect. This program will positively impact anyone who decides to participate and commit to giving it their all.

Jordyn Rodriguez reviewed Eatontown Martial Arts
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i was with carlos or about 8 years and in all honesty i was the best experience i could ever have a love for martial arts. being in this program taught me discipline and self worth and for that i am thankful.

Stephany Oliveira reviewed Eatontown Martial Arts
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Amazing instructor! My son is happy to attend and we've seen improvements in the very few months. Focus and self controle is something we really needed working on and mr Carlos is nailing it.

Jennifer Smiga reviewed Eatontown Martial Arts
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My son Oliver and I have been taking classes for four years. Mr. D'Jardin is a wonderful teacher who always has us push through and exceed our own expectations. We especially love learning to spar and compete under him.

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Top Four Benefits of Working out With a Loved One

There are few things quite like working out with a partner or spouse – a loved one of any sort.
No matter type of martial arts you both practice, there are some benefits to exercising
together. From perfecting your form to keeping each other motivated, you’ll find them here
Read on to find out more.

1) You can keep each other motivated
One of the most difficult things about an exercise regimen of any kind is sticking to it. You
might be tempted to take one day off, and that leads to a pattern of skipped practices and
classes. Working out with your loved one can keep you both motivated. You won’t be tempted
to stay on the couch together when you both want to practice your karate or kickboxing

2) You have an automatic martial arts training partner
Even if you’re actively taking martial arts classes, you still need to practice your moves. And
what better to do so than with your partner? The two of you can go over what you’ve learned
in class together and treat each other as training partners. If you’re on different levels, you
can still make this work, since you’ll be learning from each other as you go along.

3) It’s easy to set up workout times since you know each other’s schedules
Another great thing about practicing martial arts with your loved one is the fact that you
know each other’s schedules. You can set up your combined workout times a week or two in
advance, and if you need to reschedule, then you won’t have to worry about playing phone
tag. Having a set schedule can keep you both on track.

4) Workouts will be much more fun
Everyone loves spending time with their spouse or partner. Usually, that time consists of
relaxing in front of the television, cooking meals together, or even having a date night. A
combined martial arts workout can be just another thing that the two of you do together.
You’ll have plenty of fun together. When both of you enjoy spending time on the sparring floor
together, your relationship – and your martial arts skills – will grow stronger.

There are four clear benefits to working out with your loved one, plus some additional ones
not covered here in detail. Your martial arts skills will improve since you will look forward to
your practices. You’ll also have more fun while doing so, and nothing makes a workout better
than this. Between the additional motivation, the set times, and many other benefits, you’ll
become a better martial artist in no time.